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A friend from DigitalOffensive, Michael Lasalvia turned me on to the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) in 2008. Since my first day at CCDC I have been hooked! CCDC is a competition where tomorrow's cyber warriors are matched up against a group of penetration testers that are hell bend of disrupting the students mock business environment. The ultimate goal of these competitions are for students to learn the importance of Information Security and to develop their ability to identify and eliminate malicious attacks against systems. Colleges around the country compete and ultimately face off in a national competition held in Texas. Students that are successful in the competition are highly sought after by IT security companies and the Government to join the ranks in defending our Country's computer infrastructure.

To help develop the students DigitalIntercept has been performing scripted exercises geared towards enhancing students understanding of the complexities of Information Security. At the 2010 CCDC event a scripted exercise demonstrated the importance of knowing who you are working with and working for! See attachments below for more details.     

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CCDC scripted Event

CCDC 2009

Got Clearance?!