Digital Intercept is a collection of  like minded individuals passionate about information security and technology. The site represents a place holder and repository for security documents, research, projects and collaboration for the information security community.  

Security Research Projects / Tools:
Xbee 802.15.4 - Security Research project to assess the capabilities of the Arduino compatible FreakLabs Chibi
Zigbee Multi-Channel Sniffer - Using the Chibi as a channel scanning, self contained, sniffer with screen and MicroSD 
Arduino Attack platform - Research project to develop code for the Arduino platform that could be used for penetration testing
Social Intelligence gathering - Research project to develop code for collecting and aggregating social media feeds (Private)
OSINT - Project to collect / aggregate open source intelligence sources into a concise set of functional tools 
GnuRadio - Customized scripts and layouts for the Funcube DVB-T SDR radio devices 
AIMEE - Air Intercepted Messaging & Electronic Espionage
FSCD - Development of scripts for dumping configuration settings for various scanners that allow serial connectivity
MASINT - Research Project looking into Measurement and Signal / Signature Intelligence (Private)
Fonera Interceptor - A spin off the Hak5 Interceptor. This project focused on incorporating Jasenger, dsniff and numerous other tools into one device
Op Code Database - JMP positions for Windows XP, win7, Win8, 2003, 2008 (Private)
BacNET/IP Pentest Framework - Research project to develop and test BacNET/IP security tools for interception, Spoofing, interrogation and DoS
Myiasis Project - Counter Espionage for Business travelers and hackers. Development of embedded microcontrollers for the detection of malicious activity
Feltcher - Raspberry Pi as a USB attack platform with menu driven payload selection and deployment
BotBuilder - (PoC) Development of scripts to automatically identify vulnerable systems, deploy payload and add them to C&C
BBB-SDR - Development of scripts for Beagle Bone Black and SDR
NACTans - Network Access Control circumvent and testing platform

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